If you have excess gum tissue that is keeping your smile from being as beautiful as you would like, crown lengthening might be a good treatment for you. Dr. Hoang Truong provide crown lengthening in Sacramento, California, to give you a confident and attractive smile. To learn more about crown lengthening and make your appointment with our dentists, call us today at 916-649-0249!

Crown lengthening at Gateway Oaks Dental can help improve the health of your teeth and gums. A reduction in the amount of gum tissue puts you at decreased risk for gum disease. Crown lengthening is usually performed under sedation that we offer to all of our patients. This minimizes any discomfort during the procedure, and pain medication can be prescribed for post-op recovery. Results are immediate with a crown lengthening procedure, and the area is completely healed within 1-3 months. Crown lengthening might also be necessary to make other cosmetic dental treatments possible. If you have a tooth that is decayed or fractured below the gum line, or if the tooth is not long enough for a restoration, our skilled dentist may recommend crown lengthening.

Whether you need to create space for a dental restoration or you have teeth that appear unnaturally short, crown lengthening can help give you a bright, beautiful smile that you will be happy to show off. If would like to find out if crown lengthening is right for you, please call or visit our office for more information and to schedule a consultation.