Smile Makeover in Roseville, CA

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. If you are unhappy with your smile, there are many improvements that you can make with the help of Gateway Oaks Dental in Roseville. One of the best ways to enhance your smile and to look younger and healthier is by getting a smile makeover.

Teeth After and Before Whitening

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a process of enhancing your smile and appearance using some of the most common dental procedures. Each makeover is different for every patient, and dentist Dr Hoang Truong at Gateway Oaks Dental in Roseville can help you find exactly what is right for you.

A smile makeover can include a variety of different dental procedures, including dental veneers, composite bonding, teeth whitening, dental implants, dental crowns, and more. A smile enhancement is a true makeover of your smile. These small enhancements can significantly help improve your appearance and leave you feeling more confident and happier.

Things To Consider

Your smile makeover can be customized to meet your exact needs. Dr Hoang Truong will be able to discuss your options and explain how each enhancement can improve your smile. Here are some of the main factors to consider when looking to get a smile makeover.

Color of Teeth

The color of your teeth can be changed using a variety of different techniques. This includes tooth-colored composite changes, teeth whitening and shading. While many people may want to have the brightest smile possible, this is not always recommended. To achieve a natural-looking smile, it is always best to consult your dentist and view imaging scans to see what looks best.


The overall alignment of your teeth will affect your smile. You can use braces and clear aligners to help ensure better spacing and alignment of teeth. In addition, you can use dental implants to replace any missing or broken teeth. The natural bite that you have affects the overall health of your teeth. When your teeth are aligned properly, they will support better oral health.

Uneven Teeth

As you age, your teeth naturally get weaker. This can lead to chipped and cracked teeth. To promote better teeth appearance and a brighter, healthier smile, you should highly consider using bonding and contoured enhancements.

What to Expect?

If you are hesitant about changing your smile, you can feel at ease with Gateway Oaks Denta In Roseville. They offer dental imaging software that allows you to see what your teeth would look like after the makeover. This software will enable you to see the exact changes to your smile with before and after pictures. If you like what you see, you can choose to follow through with the process.

When choosing to get a makeover of your smile, you will often take dental molds of your teeth. The impression of your teeth will give the dentist and the entire dental team a better idea of what they are working with. They will use the impressions to guarantee a perfect fit for any new dental implants or dental veneers.

When budgeting for your smile makeover, there are many cost factors to consider. There is generally not a one price fits all. Each smile makeover will consist of different enhancements, different time frames and different procedures. This means that each customized treatment plan will come with a different cost.

Maintaining Your Smile

To ensure that your smile lasts for years, you should try to practice optimal dental hygiene. This includes regular brushing and flossing, as well as routine dental checkups. You should use non-abrasive and fluoride toothpaste to help reduce cavities and promote oral health. Try to avoid eating and drinking foods and drinks that are high in sugar. Also, try to avoid drinking dark-colored drinks because these will tend to stain your teeth. To ensure a brighter and healthier smile, you may also want to consult your dentist if you have a habit of chewing objects or grinding your teeth. They will be able to help you break these habits.

If you are looking for a happier and healthier smile to improve your confidence and your overall look, you may highly want to consult a dental professional. Gateway Oaks Dental in Roseville has everything you need to get a customized look that you will be proud of. Give us a call today for a consultation.

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