Are Braces Worth It?

Between the time and money that getting braces entails, it’s a fair question to ask whether or not orthodontic treatment is worth it. People make such a fuss over a straight smile – it’s all just aesthetics, right?

Well, not exactly. A lot of great reasons exist, aside from bettering your appearance, to get braces. Let’s see what those are.

Healthier teeth

By far the most important benefit from orthodontic treatment is that it provides you with a lifetime of healthier teeth. With straight teeth, all the sharp edges and deep crevices that occur when your teeth aren’t straight are completely eliminated. What this does is get rid of that many more nooks and crannies within your mouth that plaque and other debris can build up. Cleaning areas like that is tough, and if you don’t do it thoroughly you’re at high risk for cavities. Straight teeth makes taking care of your teeth that much easier.

Less work

The other benefit to lasting oral health is that your dental bills in the future will be much lower than those who don’t have straight teeth. With the reduced risk for cavities, and increase gum health, you won’t need to see Dr. Hoang Truong here at Gateway Oaks Dental in Sacramento, California, for restorative dental work. This will save you a ton of money – and time – in the long run.

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