Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is important to your dental health. The foods that you choose to eat not only affect weight, cardiovascular health, and mental health, but dental health as well. Good eating habits can help you to keep a happy and healthy smile that is free of disease and cavities. Foods that are high in acidity or have high levels of sugar can cause decay. Consider swapping sugary foods like cookies and cake for more nutritious snacks such as carrots and salads.

Drinking diet soda may reduce the amount of sugar you are consuming, but it does not reduce the high acidity levels that soda possesses. This acid in the soda can eat away at the tooth enamel and decay your teeth. Drinking plenty of water not only improves your overall health and is a much better option than juices or soda, but it also rinses your mouth of the food particles, sugar, acids, and bacteria that are on your teeth. Drinking enough water can also help eliminate the craving to reach for an unhealthy snack. 

Food backgrounds: table filled with large variety of food

If you have any questions or concerns about the types of food you are eating and what foods are in compliance with any special dietary needs you might have, be sure to contact our office at 916-649-0249 to speak with our helpful dental team. Dr. Hoang Truong and our team at Gateway Oaks Dental are happy to answer your questions.