Multiple Tooth Implants in Sacramento, CA

Many individuals needing multiple tooth replacements can feel held back by their smile in day-to-day activities. Whether it’s talking, eating, or socializing, a smile with missing teeth does not function properly nor does it create a sense of confidence or comfort. We can improve the sense-of-self and personal appearance of our patients with the advantages and benefits of multiple tooth implants in Sacramento, California. Your smile can feel strong and healthy with our dentist’s quality placement and care of your restorations. With other possible tooth replacements, your bone is not properly preserved and can begin to deteriorate.

We invite you to schedule your caring implant consultation soon and if you are a candidate for this service, you can begin smiling with confidence soon. Dental implants are a truly aesthetic, functional, and more comfortable solution to missing teeth. After the necessary time for your gums to heal, your implants can be restored with a variety of dental attachments like dentures, crowns, and more. Every case is unique so Drs. Hoang Truong will make sure to plan with you the best possible treatment. You can feel cared for and excited for your future smile when visiting Gateway Oaks Dental.

Dental implant model