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Our Dental Services In Sacramento, CA

Your dental health is one of the most important things in your life. To help ensure that you have optimal dental health and that all concerns are addressed quickly, you will need to visit your dentist every six months to one year, depending on your history.

Our team of dental professionals at Gateway Oaks Dental in Sacramento can help prevent and diagnose any oral health issues. Early diagnosis and prevention is the best way to help take care of your teeth and gums. No matter how old or young you are, it is never too late to take care of your oral health.

Gateway Oaks Dental is based out of Sacramento, and dentist Dr Hoang Truong is here to help meet all of your dental needs.

Why Choose Gateway Oaks Dental in Sacramento?

We offer the highest quality care possible to each of our patients. When you visit our dental office, you can expect to see the latest technology with remarkable and experienced staff. We put our best into every patient to help them reach all of their dental goals.

In addition, our dental team offers sound customer service. We can answer any and every question in a professional manner and find innovative ways to help you. We offer a relaxed and welcoming environment to ensure that even those hesitant to visit the dentist will have a great experience.

While many of our patients schedule appointments, we are staffed to handle dental emergencies. Rather than waiting weeks or months for an appointment, we can give you advice and schedule an appointment quickly to help provide you with peace of mind.

Services We Offer

We offer a wide variety of services to meet your every need. The most common treatments we offer are for preventative care. This includes professional cleanings, thorough inspections of your mouth, x-rays, and cancer screenings. These preventative treatment options can help diagnose and prevent gum disease, cavities, and more. In addition, we can help provide fillings and sealants to help prevent cavities and further decay of any teeth.

Our experienced and professional staff also offers a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments, including professional teeth whitening, sealants, dental veneers, dental implants, and more. Rather than offering a one size fits all solution to dental health, we work directly with all of our patients in Sacramento to create a personalized treatment plan.

We are trained and experienced in the field of restorative dentistry as well. As we age, our teeth often deteriorate as well. To ensure that your teeth are in great condition, it is important that you take care of the ones you have. We can help replace missing teeth and care for damaged teeth. Some of the main services we offer in restorative dentistry include dentures, crowns, root canals, bridges, implants and more. These can help improve the overall appearance and function of your teeth to make daily activities, like chewing, much easier.

Our professionals listen to the exact needs of our patients and take molds of teeth. We then use these molds and premiere digital imaging to create before and after pictures. This allows patients to determine if they want to get the treatment. It is a great way to see exactly what you are getting.

Contact gateway Oaks Dental in Sacramento. Dentist Dr Hoang Truong can answer all of your questions and help you find a treatment plan that is right for you!


Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you interested in enhancing your smile? Our skilled dentists provide cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve your goals!


General & Family Dentistry

We love welcoming patients of all ages to our friendly office, and offer many services to help you enjoy a healthy smile!


Implant Dentistry

Regain a healthy smile with restorative dentistry! Call Gateway Oaks Dental today to schedule your consultation and learn more!


Restorative Dentistry

Replacing a missing tooth can restore your smile to optimal health, function, and appearance. Schedule your implant consultation today!

Cosmetic Dentistry


Clear Aligners

Dr. Hoang Truong are pleased to provide ClearCorrect orthodontics to help you…

Prosthodontics or Prosthetic

Crown Lengthening

If you have excess gum tissue that is keeping your smile from being as beautiful…

Dental obturation

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a simple, conservative way to improve the appearance of your smile…

Dental mirror with zircon dentures on a dark background – Ceramic veneers – lumineers

Dental Veneers

Do you want to give your smile a makeover? If you have dental cosmetic flaws that are…

Healthy white smile close up. Beauty woman with perfect smile, lips and teeth. Beautiful Model Girl with perfect skin. Teeth whitening.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan that can…


Teeth Whitening

At Gateway Oaks Dental, we are happy to offer professional teeth whitening to brighten your smile…

General & Family Dentistry


Dental Cleanings and exams

Dental cleanings and exams are two of the most basic yet important preventive treatments…


Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin coatings that are applied to healthy tooth surfaces to prevent…


Digital Diagnostic X-Rays

Digital X-rays are one of the advanced diagnostic tools we use to provide you with…


Fluoride Treatment

Your teeth are at war every day, trying to fight off all of the bacteria that are eating away at your teeth…


Gum Treatment

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a degenerative condition primarily caused…


Laser Dentistry

At Gateway Oaks Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest level…


Mouth Guards

The health and safety of your entire smile is very important to our entire dental team…


Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer includes cancers of the lips, tongue, floor of the mouth, cheeks, throat (pharynx)…



If you have swollen, red, irritated, or bleeding gums, you may be among the nearly half of American adults…


Sedation Dentistry

If you have anxiety about undergoing a dental procedure, sedation dentistry may be…


Tooth Extraction (Wisdom Teeth)

Although our caring dentists make every effort to preserve your natural teeth…

Implant Dentistry


Bone Grafting

A bone graft is an oral surgery procedure that may be required if your jawbone is not dense…


Implant Supported Dentures

If you are looking for a stable, lasting solution for replacing multiple missing teeth…


Multiple Tooth Implants

Many individuals needing multiple tooth replacements can feel held back by their smile…


Single Tooth Implants

For those looking for an advantageous and dependable solution to a single missing tooth…

Restorative Dentistry


Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are restorations used to fill in missing spaces where no teeth or implants exist…


Dental Crowns

Dr. Hoang Truong provide dental crowns to restore your damaged or decayed tooth…


Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a common type of dental restoration used to repair damage or decay…


Dental Implants

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, it is important that you replace the teeth…



If you have missing teeth, dentures may be a good choice for you. Dentures are a good option…


Full Mouth Reconstructive Dentistry

Full mouth reconstruction is a dental treatment that can restore your smile if it has been severely injured…


Root Canal Treatment

Do you have extreme tooth pain, severe sensitivity, or swelling in the gums around your tooth?…