Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

If you have any mobility restrictions, using an electric toothbrush may be a good option for you. While neither manual brushes nor electric toothbrushes are inherently better than the other, electric toothbrushes can make proper brushing techniques easier than manual brushes. The electric brushes can be more effective for providing rapid motions in hard-to-reach areas.

No matter which type of toothbrush you use, it is important that you use proper brushing habits. Brush your teeth twice per day for at least two minutes, and make sure to floss every day as well. Many electric toothbrushes also have timers to help you know when you have been brushing for two minutes, which is a good guideline for how long you should brush. You should also replace your electric toothbrush on a regular basis, just as you would with your manual brush.


Two brushes for oral care on a beige mat

If you would like more information about how an electric toothbrush can be beneficial to your dental hygiene, please contact our office. If you would like to purchase an electric toothbrush, there are many options available for purchase at Gateway Oaks Dental.

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