Root Canal Treatment in Sacramento, CA

Do you have extreme tooth pain, severe sensitivity, or swelling in the gums around your tooth? If you notice any of these symptoms, they may be caused by infection in the pulp and nerves of your tooth. Our skilled dentists can perform a root canal to remove the infection and restore your oral health. Call Gateway Oaks Dental today at 916-649-0249 for more information about root canal treatment in Sacramento, California, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Hoang Truong.

Root canal treatment is a procedure designed to treat teeth that have infected nerves and decay within the dental pulp. If damage and infection within the tooth are not treated promptly, the tooth may die. If our dentists determine that root canal treatment is the best option for you, we will remove the infected dental pulp, tissue, and nerves from the tooth.

Regular checkup at the dentist

Once the tooth is cleaned, it is filled with medicated material that will work to restore the health of the tooth. After the root canal procedure, a crown will often be placed over the tooth for protection. Root canal treatment typically requires only one or two visits to our office to complete.

Contrary to popular fear, root canal treatment is usually no more uncomfortable than a normal filling. If you are worried about any pain you may experience, you can talk to our dentists about possible sedation techniques. After a root canal, the tooth may be sensitive or inflamed for a few days, but you can resume brushing and flossing immediately and the sensitivity should subside within a few days.

If you have any questions about the root canal treatment that we offer, we invite you to contact our office to talk to our friendly dental team.