If you have anxiety about undergoing a dental procedure, sedation dentistry may be an excellent choice for you. Dr. Hoang Truong offer sedation dentistry in Sacramento, California, to help our patients feel at ease when they visit the dentist. For more information about sedation dentistry and to set up your consultation with our dentist, please call our office today at 916-649-0249.

Sedation dentistry minimizes any discomfort that may occur during procedures, and there are three different levels of sedation that our dentist may advise for you.

Oral sedation involves taking a series of prescribed medication prior to your procedure. This medication will help you feel especially relaxed and at ease, but you will still be awake and aware.

Nitrous oxide gas can be inhaled prior to and during your procedure in order to put you in a stress-free state, in which you are awake but hardly aware of the dental procedures that are happening. The nitrous oxide eliminates any discomfort or pain from your visit. The sedation will wear off shortly after the flow of nitrous oxide is removed.

If you have anxiety about visiting the dentist, or are worried about the discomfort a procedure may cause, ask our friendly dental team about how the sedation dentistry at Gateway Oaks Dental can put you at ease. To learn more about sedation dentistry, please visit our blog or contact our office to schedule an appointment today!

Pediatric dentist doing Inhalation Sedation to a child while teeth treatment at dental clinic. Sedation Dentistry