If you have any missing teeth or are in need of a tooth extraction, there are plenty of options available to you for tooth replacement procedures. With dentures, you can have a realistic set of replacements, whether it be just a few teeth or an entire set, to fill in your mouth and give you back the smile you deserve.

Are you ready for dentures? Below is a brief guide to help you better understand the benefits and responsibilities that come with dentures:

Are dentures good for your health?
– Dentures can improve eating and speaking habits over missing teeth. They also make your mouth safer and feel better too. Aesthetic benefits of dentures include a more youthful look in your face and jawline, improved self-esteem, and with modern dentures, a more natural appearance that looks and feels similar to normal teeth.

How durable is a pair of dentures?
– With proper care and preservation, dentures can provide a lifetime of lasting benefits.

Which types of materials should be used for cleaning dentures?
– Always use a dentist-approved denture cleanser or room temperature water. Never use abrasive toothpaste, hot water, teeth whitening agents, products that contain bleach, or any other product that can easily damage your dentures.

How do you properly care for your dentures?
– Cleaning your dentures effectively can be done at various times throughout the day. After eating, you should take out your dentures to care for them with nonabrasive denture cleansers or water. Always rinse and clean your mouth and your dentures before reinserting them back into your mouth.

Dr. Hoang Truong at Gateway Oaks Dental wants to ensure your smile shines no matter what condition it is in. If you are thinking about getting a set of dentures, no matter if it is only a partial set or even a complete set for your entire mouth, please contact our dentist office in Sacramento, California, by calling us at 916-649-0249. The smile of your dreams is only a visit away!