Dental Association Calls for Vigilance in Elder Dental Care

All too often dental care can start to seem less important in a person’s later years of life. This happens due to three main reasons:

  • The person has other health concerns that seem more important,
  • The person cannot easily maintain their own dental care due to something like loss of mobility,
  • Or they have already lost many if not all their teeth and have given up on their mouth.


But even after someone losses all of their teeth, dental care is still surprisingly important. Overtime, gums and bone change and after a while a denture may not fit as well as it used to. Dentures that don’t fit well can cause sores, pockets for bacteria growth, and gum infection. By seeing a dentist at least once a year, the dentist can check the fit, watch out for gum disease and possibly even oral cancer. Additionally dentures are not designed to be the only pair you’ll need for the rest of your life. With changes in your mouth and natural wear, a typical denture would need to be replaced or adjusted every five to ten years.

Tere are hidden lethal dangers that come with poor denture care that too many people are unaware of. The biggest danger is Pneumonia, especially with people who sleep with their dentures in their mouth. When someone sleeps with their dentures in, over the night microorganisms can collect on them, and simply need to be breathed in to prove fatal.

It is for all these reasons that the ADA recommends vigilant oral care in the elderly, for those with and without dentures alike. With proper oral and denture care along with regular visits with the dentist, seniors can keep their mouths and bodies healthy, while living full and productive lives.

If you have a denture but haven’t been seeing a dentist regularly, then make an appointment today.

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Thank You to the ADA for providing a lot of the information for this post. More information for the ADA can be found here