Fluoride Treatments: Your drinking water may not be enough.

Most people have heard about fluoride and know that it’s “that stuff that they put in the drinking water” and that it’s good for their teeth for some reason; but beyond that, the knowledge of the public can get a little hazy. Fluoride treatments can be doubly mystifying.

With fluoride treatments it’s all about enamel. Enamel is the term for the hard outer layer of the tooth, and it is the hardest substance in the human body with 96% mineral composition. But over time without regular fluoride treatments demineralization can occur and decay the enamel. This decay can be hastened by sugary and acidic foods. It is through fluoride treatments that this decay can be halted and enamel can be strengthened.

The daily fluoride treatments that people use are usually from the small amounts of fluoride in the drinking water and in their toothpaste. These fluoride treatments are indeed helpful in preventing tooth decay and enamel loss, but in many cases it is not be enough. Many people at risk for tooth decay are in need of a more direct application of a fluoride treatment than ingesting through drinking water, and need a more concentrated and prolonged application of fluoride treatment than through toothpaste. This is where Dentists like Dr. Truong will intervene with a highly concentrated Fluoride Treatment in the form of a clear “varnish” that adheres to and penetrates into the enamel layer.

This is why the ADA endorses a professionally applied fluoride treatments for dental patients between one and four times a year depending on enamel risk. In professional fluoride treatments, a highly concentrated fluoride solution is applied directly to the enamel in a process that allows for maximum absorption by the enamel. This comparatively inexpensive procedure usually costing $20 – $30, and has been proven to drastically reduce enamel loss. Don’t disregard the importance of a prescribed fluoride treatment by your dental professional.

It is clear why Dr. Truong recommends fluoride treatments as a strong preventative measure. Call with any questions or to make an appointment today: (916) 649 – 0249

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