The presence of dental anxiety is felt by many patients during dental visits, including routine dental checkups, and there is no need to feel ashamed. By offering a range of sedation dentistry options, we can help you feel calm and relaxed when it’s time to receive dental care of any kind.

We are pleased to offer sedation dentistry so that we can deliver an appropriate sedative for patients who struggle with dental anxiety to the point that relaxing during treatment is very difficult. Under the effects of sedation, you can feel extremely relaxed and lose track of the time you spend in the treatment chair. Dr. Hoang Truong and Dr. Asma Sajid may recommend one of the following options for your sedation needs:

– Mild sedation: A very light sedation can reduce your stress level and leave you feeling very relaxed without actually putting you to sleep.

– Moderate sedation: Procedures such as wisdom tooth removal can often require you to sit still and keep your mouth open for a long time, and a moderate sedation can help you stay comfortable and keep your mind off the procedure.

– Deep sedation: Deep sedation is often optimal for extensive procedures such as removing impacted wisdom teeth because it enables patients to remain under a light sleep during treatment and then wake up when it’s over.

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