Missing Teeth? Why dental implants should be your next step

Millions of Americans suffer from missing teeth. And if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from missing teeth you many not know all of your options. While each person and their specific case are different, someone could replace a tooth with a) a partial denture, b) a bridge, or c) a dental implant.


In a recent survey done by our office we learned that most people in our community know someone with a denture and/or a bridge and therefore are very familiar with those options. What we also learned was that 95% of the people surveyed had no idea what a dental implant was let alone that it could help with missing teeth.

A dental implant is now considered the “Standard of Care” for replacing missing teeth. That is not to say that a partial denture or bridge are not options for you but they do come with their own limitations.

Missing Teeth, your replacement options:

A partial denture is the most affordable option. However, overtime the partial will fit loosely and will need to be replaced. While a partial will restore the ability to chew certain foods, tough or hard foods like steak, carrots, and apples will be difficult to eat. In addition, a partial denture may need to be fitted with metal clasps which are unsightly.  


A bridge is an option that many dentists prefer because it is more affordable than an implant and it is a procedure all general dentists can do. However, a bridge requires the dentist to remove parts of perfectly good natural teeth to anchor the new replacement tooth. Dental bridges need to be replaced every 7-10 years.

A dental implant is more costly in the beginning. However, over the course of time, a dental implant will cost less because they are permanent and last 30+years. Dental implants to do not damage the surrounding teeth, unlike a bridge, or put pressure on existing teeth like a partial would.

Over-denture. If you already have a denture but find it is hard to eat with or falls out often our office has the ability to place a few implants on each arch and adjust your current denture so that it can snap into the implants. This is called an over-denture and it is great way to replace missing teeth if you already have an existing denture.


If you have questions regarding dental implants you may schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Hoang Truong. Dr. Hoang Truong is a Cosmetic Dentist in Sacramento. You may also read our other articles on dental implants here: Chew with Confidence, Missing Teeth, a Guide to understanding Dental Implants