Oral Hygiene 101

Keeping up your oral health is just as important as paying attention to your waistline and your diet. What’s truly unique, though, is that your oral health is a direct indicator of how healthy the rest of your body is.

But we know it’s not always easy to keep up with your oral health. Suffering from bad health isn’t something we’d want to see you deal with, so we suggest you follow these tips.

Flossing is king
Nearly every dentist places an emphasis on flossing because of just how integral it is in a good oral hygiene routine. Flossing gets rid of all of the plaque and debris that get trapped between your teeth. Left alone, plaque becomes a breeding ground for cavity and decay-causing bacteria.

Regular checkups
If you don’t have regular checkups with Dr. Hoang Truong and Dr. Asma Sajid, you’re missing out on catching potential oral hygiene issues well before you might notice them. Here at Gateway Oaks Dental in Sacramento, California, though, we can spot and treat those issues before they lead to devastating long-term effects.

These are simple tips that we know will help – you just have to dedicate yourself to following them. If you have any questions, or want to schedule an appointment, call us today at 916-649-0249.