OverDentures: A transformation you won’t believe.

“I’ve trained myself to talk without showing my teeth”

“I don’t like to eat in public. I’m too afraid of my dentures coming out.”

These, and other such fears, thought far too often. Tooth loss can be traumatic for patients and really influence their quality of life. Patient’s often delay seeing a dentist because they see dentures or partial dentures as a life sentence. And when they think about dentures they can’t help but picture Grandma’s teeth falling out and embarrassing herself and her family. It can be a mortifying fear for many people.
Luckily, there is a new technology in tooth replacement that is eclipsing the old fashioned denture system.


OverDentures are the newest thing in denture stabilization. An OverDenture is a denture that anchors itself to a number of titanium attachments that are surgically placed in the existing Bone Structure of the Mouth. The OverDenture is then seamlessly attached to the jaw with benefit of removing at nighttime for cleaning. The results of OverDentures give an improved quality of life and freedom that is unparalleled.


With Overdentures:

  • Adhesives that can be messy and affect the flavor of foods are a thing of the past.
  • There is never a need to fear that OverDentures will come loose.
  • Overdentures will not move and shift or flex when talking or eating.
  • Bone Loss is decreased with OverDentures.
  • OverDentures allow patients to eat the foods they miss.
  • Learn to love to smile again with Overdentures. There is no finer cosmetic option.

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Are OverDentures Really that Incredible? Don’t take our word for it.

“I thought I would never be able to smile again.” – Rhonda C.

This post was inspired by a recent patient of Dr. Truong, Ms. Rohnda C. Her transformation is truly something to behold. Ms Rohnda came to us with some substantial apprehensions about her smile, but after winning her battle with obesity and diabetes, was determined to fix the damage that diabetes had done to her teeth.


But through a combination of Veneers Implants and a lower OverDenture her smile is back in full biting force.

Hear her tell her story