Porcelain Dental Veneers Can Give You Back and White and Even Smile

As you age it’s not uncommon for your teeth to lose their luster. When this is compounded with things like chips or staining issues on the teeth in your smile, it can leave you wanting to explore your options for a better smile. Dr. Hoang Truong has helped many people address their cosmetic dentistry options.

Dr. Hoang Truong might recommend porcelain dental veneers to remedy teeth with chips as well as deep staining issues. The veneers are custom crafted in a dental lab to fit over the faces of the teeth in your smile. If one of your teeth lacks sufficient enamel to mount a dental veneer, he might recommend cosmetically restoring the tooth with a porcelain crown.

Dental veneers are basically thin porcelain shells, that are custom made in a dental lab to fit over the faces of the teeth in your smile. The porcelain material is shaded to look just like natural teeth.

Dr. Hoang Truong will start by examining all the teeth in your smile to make sure that each one has sufficient enamel to secure mount a veneer. Should one or two of your teeth lack enough enamel, or has been compromised by past dental work he might recommend having the entire enamel layer of the tooth restored by a porcelain crown.

Dr. Hoang Truong will then create a detailed impression of every tooth in your smile. This will be sent to a dental lab, where your custom porcelain dental veneers are meticulously crafted.

Dr. Hoang Truong will call you back in for a second appointment once the lab has completed the veneers. During this appointment, he will use a drill to remove a small amount of enamel from the face of each tooth. This makes enough room for the porcelain shell to be cemented seamlessly onto the face of the tooth.

If you are interested in having the teeth in your smile restored by porcelain dental veneers, you should call Dr. Hoang Truong’s office in Sacramento, California at 916-649-0249 to schedule an appointment.