Questions to Ask Your Dentist When You’re Treating Tooth Decay

If you’re about to visit your dentist, Dr. Hoang Truong, to repair a tooth and treat tooth decay, then you are on your way toward the strong and healthy teeth and smile you deserve. For a positive dental experience at our office, our dental team encourages you to ask your dentist some questions so you know what to expect in the dental chair. Asking questions can help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and even prepared during your appointment. Some questions to ask include:

– What treatment will you be using to repair my tooth? A dental filling? A dental crown?
– If you are treating my tooth with a dental filling, what type of filling will you use and why?
– What will you use to help me feel relaxed and comfortable during my appointment? Sedation dentistry? Anesthesia?
– Will this treatment be completed during one appointment or will I need to come back in for a second appointment?
– How long will the appointment take?
– Is there a signal I can use when I need a break?
– Can I bring my own comfort items, like music, a blanket, or a stuffed animal?
– Can I bring someone to sit with me during the treatment?
– How much will the treatment cost?
– How long will the sedation or anesthetic last?
– Will I be able to drive home after my appointment?

Would you like to know more or would you like to talk to our dental team about your appointment? If so, please reach out to us by contacting Gateway Oaks Dental at 916-649-0249. We are happy to help you in any way we can, and we look forward to giving you the answers you need about cavity treatment in Sacramento, California!