Should You Clean Your Tongue

Did you know that there are several things you may consider doing to keep your breath fresh? Naturally, you should brush and floss your teeth and you may want to consider using mouthwash. Still, if you’re interested in improving your breath, you may want to consider brushing your tongue.

Still, even though brushing your tongue could be useful, it isn’t strictly necessary. You see, bad bacteria can spread from your tongue to your teeth—which isn’t a serious problem if you brush and floss regularly. Naturally, if you clean your tongue, your teeth won’t come in contact with as much plaque. However, some argue that cleaning your tongue is more important because bad bacteria can lead to bad breath.

Still, if you’re interested in cleaning your tongue, there are a few things you should know. For instance, did you know that some people have a hard time brushing their tongues because it triggers their gag reflex? Luckily, if you use a tongue scraper, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of cleaning your tongue without aggravating your gag reflex. Still, you could choose between a plastic or a metal tongue scraper, which offer different benefits. We recommend speaking to our team before making your decision.  

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