What You Should Know About Chronic Dry Mouth

Everyone has been thirsty or has suffered from a dry mouth before. As you may already know, this isn’t typically a serious problem, but did you know that having a dry mouth consistently can actually lead to many different problems? Dry mouth is actually a common dental condition. If you have dry mouth, you might not produce as much saliva as you should.

While this might not seem like a serious issues, saliva actually plays an important role in keeping your teeth and gums clean. Saliva carries plaque, food particles, and bacteria away from your pearly whites and strengthens the protective layer of your teeth.

Unfortunately, dry mouth can actually be caused by several different issues. Medications, nerve damage, diseases, and other medical treatments like chemotherapy can all lead to dry mouth. There are also a number of symptoms you can watch for, including a dry tongue, sores in your mouth, and even a sticky feeling. Your dentist may be able to suggest personalized treatments to help you deal with these problems. Depending on your needs, they could recommend a different medication or fake saliva. We also recommend contacting us if you’re interested in coping with dry mouth. This is important since dry mouth could cause tooth decay and gum disease.

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