October is National Dental Hygiene Month, but it is also Halloween season! As a general rule, eating candy on a regular basis is not the best idea (especially for children wearing braces), but we realize it is asking a lot for children to completely forego Halloween. After all, us dentists... Read more »
A bright, confident smile not only looks attractive, but also has many tangible benefits that can improve your health and success. However, you may not feel comfortable showing your smile if you have crooked teeth, stained and discolored teeth, or if you are missing teeth. If you are embarrassed about... Read more »
Once a day in our practice someone tells us that they are scared of the dentist. Once a day someone cancels a new patient appointments because they are scared of the dentist. And once a day we use some type of sedation to help someone to not be scared of... Read more »
Millions of Americans suffer from missing teeth. And if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from missing teeth you many not know all of your options. While each person and their specific case are different, someone could replace a tooth with a) a partial denture, b)... Read more »
October is usually the time of year when companies ask their employees to decide between their current medical and dental insurance plans and a new plan. So, someone from HR gives you a booklet or sends a long email with the many options that you have to choose from and... Read more »
It’s Back-to-School time! August usually means you are fighting traffic in WalMart trying to school supplies and your Facebook feed is full of cute "back-to-school" photos. Guilty! While parents are prepping their kids for school don't forget to talk about germs. Kids are so sweet, aren't they? They want to... Read more »
Gum disease not only under-diagnosed but it is under-treated. Dentists and medical doctors are now working together to educate patients on the severe side effects of gum disease, or periodontal disease, in an attempt to keep patients healthy and to live longer lives. Each year more studies come out linking... Read more »